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Discover Neurology Diagnostics

Leading-edge neurology with a difference

Real compassion, understanding and kindness for every patient in our care.

The brain and nervous system are perhaps the most complex parts of the human body and are prone to all kinds of problems, from relatively simple to life-changing. Fortunately, the physicians and staff and of Neurology Diagnostics can help. Our practice offers leading edge neurology with a difference: real compassion, understanding and kindness for every patient in our care.

After 8 years of practice in the community, Dr. Vandersluis founded Neurology Diagnostics in 2002 to focus on rapid diagnosis of neurologic disease of the brain, spinal cord, nerves and muscles. Many patients require only a couple of appointments to determine the cause and treatment for their symptoms. On the other hand Neurology Diagnostics provides ongoing care for many patients with Parkinson’s disease, Seizures, Dementia, Stroke and a host of other neurologic illnesses.

At Neurology Diagnostics, we offer a full range of neurologic testing, in both of our convenient locations. In assessment of muscle and nerve disorders, Dr Vandersluis brings fellowship and board certified expertise to the performance of Electromyography (EMG.) Vascular assessment for stroke risk is performed with non-invasive ultrasound of the carotid arteries in the neck (CUS) and transcranial doppler (TCD) to check the arteries in the head. And Electroencephalography (EEG) is offered to assess the cause of brief events such as seizures or faints.

You’ll find us dedicated to providing a caring, comfortable and professional environment for every patient we see. That’s our commitment to you. That’s Neurology Diagnostics.